Green Medicine vs Sessions

Jeff Sessions, A.G. of the United States calls his wife Mother and no problems there. I do have a problem with what he is doing to my Moms with Cancer.¬†Debra Borchardt heads Green Market Report and a recent story by Michelle Janikian shouts what I brought up to former V.P. Biden last year. Medical cannabis derived from God given plants have thousands of documented cases showing the benefits. It needs to be taken off the Federal government’s Schedule One of dangerous narcotics like heroin and the opiates harming and killing many. Deaths from cannabis are zero. And, if I may, allow me to share my Mother and I battled terminal Cancer together 23-years ago, I made it, she did not. I created Mc2 (Moms with Cancer) and began volunteer counseling that begins with helping those with immunity issues become more green by reducing toxins in their lives. Given cannabis eased my side effects from toxic Chemo, pull the plug on my morphine pump and helped reduce a giant tumor to mere residual tissue, I am quite pro-cannabis and suggest the women I counsel to discuss this natural medicinal option with their medical professionals. However, A.G. Jeff Session’s latest move to kill the “weed demons” have also frightened the Moms I counsel, having them feeling like criminals. And now, many who use cannabis successfully are going back to addictive and deadly opioids. Nice job Sessions except nearly everyone in his own state of Alabama, political party and millions of voters disagree with his views. So, rather than continue expressing how pissed off I am about this, please review the story below and give me a shout if any Moms need help navigating Cancer issues. In the meantime, I will press forward on research, volunteer counseling and preaching green. The Green Marketing story is here..



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