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11 December 2017

How To Green Market

Carolyn Lighty’s decades of marketing experience has helped many get out of the gate to expanding large forces. Carolyn reminded me recently of an older yet excellent article by Jacquelyn Ottman about the 5 simple rules of green marketing. When it comes to shining a spotlight on specific sustainability issues, count on NGOs (non-government agencies) and consumer groups to target the most respected and trusted brands in the world. Overnight issues will make front pages and leaders will be pressed to make changes. The list of recent targets reads like a Who’s Who of branding: Home Depot (sustainable harvested wood), Nike (child labor practices), McDonalds (Styrofoam clamshells and now obesity), and Coke (sugar and packaging). What does this all mean for your business? Simply stated, if you don’t manage your business with respect to environmental and social sustainability, your business will not be sustained! Read more here…

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