Every BIG name in world business is making a 10-year plan  to invest over a Trillion dollar+ investment in ONE thing.

Over the past few decades of interviewing and studying the minds of forward thinkers like Virgin Green’s Richard Branson to Bank of America’s Anne Finucane, the future of investing is in the Green industry. And this is not just a hunch or a good feeling. This is based on actual, in-writing commitments all over the world.

The recent press release by Kelly Sapp reads $300 billion goal brings Bank of America’s total commitment to more than $445 billion since 2007, when the company issued its first Environmental Business Initiative. Bank of America has deployed more than $126 billion over the past 12 years in support of environmental business efforts across the globe. There is the Green Korea plan, India’s Green plan, the Mexico plan and the list goes on with new announcements made daily.

Our own 10-year plan is to go back to our roots producing one, 1-minute “Daily Greens” videos every day. The information will be sourced from 500+ Green Drinks coordinators whose attendees are the thousands of front-line people talking about one thing. Green!

So how do you get in on the inside of what is happening every day in the world of Green? You can join a monthly Green Drinks in your region, research the sources we have accumulated  over the decades or watch the newly developing GreenTV. That’s right, “Daily Greens” shows that will cover the past 24-hours of world Green all in one-minute!

And please do share the locations of a Green Drinks near you! We want to include you in a clean, Green future! Perhaps in an upcoming Daily Greens show!

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Sample of Daily Greens show coming daily!


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