As a terminal Cancer survivor I research cause, prevention and effect. The cause is poor choices in lifestyle. Prevention is identifying your plant and mineral deficiency imbalance. Effect is when body and mind are balanced. Imbalance occurs in humans and captive animals. All products are non-toxic, pet and people safe!

Loving Lotion© was created while researching sexual dysfunction relating to health battles and deficiencies. With the world’s top doctors, plant experts, scientists and inventors, we developed this fully natural topical which arouse nerve-endings, stimulating pleasure in self and shared intimacy. Other uses include skin regeneration, topical pain and dry skin relief. This topical is pleasant in aroma, taste and is a great personal lubricant. Available everywhere. 

Survivors Secret©  is based on Patent 7597910 utilizing hand-grown plants and minerals cold-pressed to liquid state nutraceuticals. 3rd party tested and documented. Just a few daily drops in water, juice or sublingual replenish body and spirit. Testimonials of medically supervised use have increased immunity to common sicknesses, reduced dependence on man-made addictives and decreased social anxiety. We use 3rd party testing for purity, consistency and safety. Available only at U.S.A. Medical dispensaries.

Testimonials coming in 1-minute videos. Stay tuned!

My best to you and yours,

Jon Lake