Author: jon lake

SAD to Glad!

The biggest part of SAD is understanding it, then taking the small to steps to correct. The bigger steps can ... Read Mores

It’s Electric!

In 2019, Auto Archives turns 80-years old and with the chart (pictured below) shows the infancy of the automotive industry ... Read Mores


Hemp  (must see video) is being introduced to the Orthotics & Prosthetics industry as affordable alternative to toxic composites. Tests ... Read Mores

Quit Wine (ing)!

It’s tough being an adult, making adult decisions during social, business and personal stuff. So Fair Hemp is going to ... Read Mores

Green Pet Collar

Thanks to pet friendly, James Hoare, “A dog’s journey from A to B often doesn’t follow a well-maintained path, our ... Read Mores

Mexico Temptation

Hello, GreenTV Mexico you wish to re-locate GreenTV USA here? If you want a getaway, like living dangerously and ... Read Mores