Author: jon lake

Charge it!

Youngwoo Lee designed this electric car charger and wrote these wise tidbits on changing times and charging our transportation. Going ... Read Mores


Food Tank had a recent interview with Nick Jacobs that is really worth reading to learn Agroecological. Food Tank: In ... Read Mores

$90B Greens

$90 Billion dollars invested in what many automotive experts several years ago said would not happen. Reminds me many great ... Read Mores

High Exercise

Ayad Maher sent in this post and says people should stop holding marijuana accountable for stoners lifestyle, because it’s not ... Read Mores

Ahoy Greenies

Everything is turning green, why not boats, yachts and ships? And the designs are getting more radical as well as ... Read Mores

Farm to You

Sarang Sheth shared this innovative way to bring the farm, food and more to your door! Sarang writes that very ... Read Mores

It’s Electric!

Erich Buetler’s 1991 Morris Mini Cooper conversion of an old Mini Cooper from gasoline fueled into a electric vehicle is ... Read Mores

Green McD’s?

At first, going green and McDonalds fast food does not seem to fit however, recent press releases have the mega ... Read Mores

Green Re-Building

Marilyn Crenshaw has wriiten a piece on “FIRE, HURRICANE, AND DISASTER REBUILD, TIPS TO EXPEDITITE” dealing with rebuilding after a ... Read Mores

Fisker EMotion

Oct. 27, 2009: Vice President Biden announces that Fisker will build plug-in electric cars at the shuttered General Motors plant ... Read Mores

Green Doctors

Rachael Knox and I connected in 2016 and I have followed her families amazing endeavors ever since. The Knox family ... Read Mores

Green Tea TV!

Tannins in green tea, terpenes in green cannabis, I use both for my tea brewing and simplicity. Within minutes, I ... Read Mores

Green Seal

Mary Swanson is the Interim President of Green Seal which recently welcomed Deb’s Solopol GFX as the newest addition to ... Read Mores