Author: jon lake

Happy as a Clam!

In the yet un-developed parts of this resort town, the seafood eat, sleep, reproduce and nourish lots of shell shuckers. ... Read Mores

Hard Core Bikers

Electric, off road, on-road, stunts and more. These bikers have taken electric bikes to the maximum and yet, there is ... Read Mores

FunDay Monday

Simply Green. And practical for a fun day Monday! The handle itself is a two-piece sliding unit made from walnut ... Read Mores

Big Green Deal!

Clean air, water, land, food, energy and more. What’s not to like about something that gives so much and pays ... Read Mores

Green Real Estate

Waterfront home, cheap. Or worse, waterfront expensive. Real expensive. If you are considering a dream property to build or renovate ... Read Mores

Kiss of Life

One week before the official day of hugs and kisses. And after many decades, on Valentines Day, I am coming ... Read Mores

Hump Hemp Day!

Hump day should be Hemp day every day! On 12.21.18, the United States Federal government conceded to a plant as ... Read Mores

Green Drinks!

Washington DC, where everyone needs a Green Drink and or a good Green vape! Unlike many of the hundreds of ... Read Mores


“The Greenest Home on the Planet” was the reoccurring dream. But something wasn’t right. Ever since Mother Nature blew my ... Read Mores