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Waterfront home, cheap. Or worse, waterfront expensive. Real expensive. If you are considering a dream property to build or renovate to Green, healthy standards with all of the comfort of radiant heat floors powered by solar shingles to great water, then do the homework or better yet, let us do it, film it and share it. Anyone in?

We are setting the stage for one waterfront property to be Greened during year 2019 and have scoped out the tides, water supply, ease of navigating waterways and orientation to help the property capture natures energy, fuel your electric, heating, cooling and even charge the electric toys or cars. That means doing the homework on nasty days, in hurricane season/s and such before the investment is made.

There are no sure bets yet with homework, diligence and creating the lightest footprint at lowest cost means the property is built to withstand Mothers Natures nasties while delivering low-maintenance and ideally, lower operating costs than anyone in the neighborhood (complete with long-term emergency battery back-up).

We found a few potentials for the on-site filming and will cover everything from pre-purchase to re-sale closing in 2020 with a better, more marketable and Green property for both seller and buyer. And remember, in any real-estate, check why it is being sold, the last time it sold, why are the owners selling, how are the drinking water tests, indoor air quality, mold, cooling, heating, lead-free piping, outside and dock wiring up to handle your own micro-power station, available tax-credits for Green upgrades, is anyone developing nearby that could affect the privacy and value?

You know, all of the yuk stuff that takes time, patience and even a camera sometimes to get to the truth. And this is not to stump or catch anyone, just things that can come back to haunt later in the filming Green that Building or in your own process. The image shown is what my place on the Chesapeake Bay resembled a few years ago and yes, at the new saying goes, “Climate Matters” but so does due diligence.

Yet it will all be worth it watching the egrets land, with a Green drink in hand, toes in sand and perhaps a Pumpkin Kiss for desert!


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