Hump Hemp Day!

Hump day should be Hemp day every day! On 12.21.18, the United States Federal government conceded to a plant as useful enough to warrant living. Not being bitter yet when one has 52-years, hands-on experience and the big news is the plant I have cultivated with utmost love illegally for 5-decades is now legal, a whole new set of rules are made.

You see, one of every 9 terminal Cancer survivors use medical cannabis. The others have not been educated, cannot afford it or have no will to live. I know because I am a survivor, at least for now as we all have termination dates.

On the very bright side, I write these words with hope as the next step to making sure everyone has access to pure medicinal cannabis extract, not just “half” of the plant in CBD.¬† More CBD/THC whole plant has to be produced¬† for the essential oils and logistics puts us in the State of Delaware. A small team of Lenape American and the finest cultivators on the planet are converging on Delaware as a client to ensure locally grown, 3rd party tested and patented medicines.

Delaware has what is called Compassion Centers and rightfully so. Thousands have witnessed the incredible help the Delaware Compassion Centers have been on education and product selection although availability is often at lack. That is where our team will help in producing the finest, patented medicinal grade products in-state and with their guidance. And this is not a plug for anything other than education and cooperation.

Gone are the days when illegal growers cursed the “man” and lived in fear. Today is cooperation. Natural Green plant foods and medicine for all!

Video was before 12.21.18 Federal legalization yet the hard work of then President Obama and our own State of Delaware Vice-President, Joe Biden triumphed!


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