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Washington DC, where everyone needs a Green Drink and or a good Green vape! Unlike many of the hundreds of free monthly Green Drinks around the world, DC has it’s own web site which is not only informative yet gives an inside look of where Green policy stands in the USA.

One DC Green Drinks event and you have a much better understanding how real world politics and a few drinks can alter the course of the world. Having lost a few major DC’s Green Drinks friends to displacement, death or even worse, retirement, I am jumping back into attending this and every Green Drink I can until my expiration date. Not with both feet and a film crew yet at least in-person and ready to learn the latest and greatest from the hosts, attendees and this month, Blue Crate Oat Milk! Talk about a great Green drink!

Green Drinks DC Happy Hour with Blue Crate Oat Milk
Date: February 5, 2019
Time: 18:00 – 20:00
Location: The Timber Pizza Company
Register Here!
At Green Drinks DC we love to support individuals who are working to protect our environment and Blue Crate Oat Milk is doing exactly that. We will have free pizza (while supplies last) as well as specialty cocktails made from Blue Cate’s oat milk that are so delicious it will blow you away.
Come support Blue Crate, make new friends and professional contacts, and enjoy some delicious pizza and oat milk cocktails.

Register here and Go Green Drinks International!


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