FunDay Monday!

An electric dune buggy! See video how a clean VW Bug can go electric. Since most dune buggies are made from former VW bugs, a dune buggy body can be exchanged out for the factory VW body. I used to build them in high school and now in a place where they are practical.

The next dream project is an electric Jeep yet lets keep it light during this new moon Monday.

You may have read VW’s 2020 version of their electric dune buggy is cool yet Green Overdrive’s project below is much more fun, affordable and gives one something to do in the wintery days of winter. Check out the video and keep a lookout for a Jeep with a blown drivetrain to convert to electric. Maybe a few volunteers who can do the conversion while I film the process!¬†Happy new moon Monday and stay tuned..

Electric Vehicles

vw electricvw electric dune buggy

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