Its’s Electric! In 30 Seconds!

Panama Jack bikes, beaches and great times. Especially if you could convert a regular bike, lets say an old heavy-sled Panama Jack bike to electric in less than a minute!

It all started when cleaning out my daughters shed in the baking sun of 2018 summer. If you know anyone who has a beach house in one of the hottest resort towns in America, do not, I repeat, do NOT offer to clean out their shed. That’s if you can even find the shed. Somewhere between the jet skis, blow-up rafts and floating noodles I had found it. I was in the deep of clearing a path when something was calling my name.

It was Panama Jack or as we know him down here, JackPot, my partner and inventor of the United States first medical Cancer cannabis patent. JackPot was with my gardening partner Surf Dude of “We Grow Weed” Farms. They spotted me out back and decided to give me a visit. Jack, Surf Dude and I are not big drinkers so Jack offer me one of my favorite cold Green drinks and a vape of his latest Greens. In less time than it took to convert my old bike to electric (1-minute says the videos below) and I was smiling and rinsing off with a cold water hose.

I was happy for a number of good reasons yet in this case, it was I had my first test pilot for the converted Panama Jack electric bike! Given Surf Dude is a few generations younger than JackPot and I, he surfs on water and land using a hover board, he seemed perfect. The summary, another great day in paradise and time for another Green drink! The Electron wheel took a while longer than a minute yet what a great invention and all due to Electron Inventor Jaun Belon

Jim M. Happy Birthday today! This story is dedicated to your special day!!!

How it works. An electric bike in one-minute or less!

For the techies like brothers Ed and Jim;

Jessica Lake’s unrestored Panama Jack hidden in shed awaiting electrification!

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