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Rona Fried is the name I think of in sustainable business yet also think of Dr. James Hansen who helped Bill McKibben who helped 350 and Barbara Filippone, the original 5+ decades Queen of Hemp who can show the greenhorns of hemp how business has been done by Green women since the beginning of womankind. Now she, James Hansen and Bill can get to the future of Green today.

In Barbara Filippone’s case, it means billions to American farmers. Until now, she had no choice but to import the Evil and outlawed Weed. She will now have a choice of container-filled hemp shipments from other than outside of the United States. When the current administration sees going Green makes good dollars and even better sense, watch out!

The pure intention floodgates of those like Barbara, her daughter Summer and the many Green matriarchs (perhaps even a few mates) will begin to enlighten the world, welcome the seasons change and new Green goals. Until then, thought thinkers at Sustainable Brands have the three things of Green futures.

Dimitar Vlahov, Director of Knowledge and Insights, Sustainable Brands writes, “We’re barely one month into 2019, but it certainly feels like more than that. Between the U.S. government shutdown, a viral and controversial new Gillette ad inviting men to work on toxic masculinity, the EU passing a ban on a range of single-use plastics, the mind-blowing and thought-provoking glimpses of the future at the annual Consumer Electronics Show, a major new study finding that that oceans are warming 40 percent faster than many scientists had previously estimated, the now-brilliant-now-stuck-in-outdated-thinking dynamics in Davos, never-ending Brexit drama, the Ocean Cleanup system breaking down and being towed back to port for repair, humanity sitting at “2 minutes to midnight” on the symbolic Doomsday Clock, the 10-year challenge on social media, a series of reports on breakthrough new biomaterials, and many other stories big and small — a lot has happened in just a few short weeks after we rang in the new year. And a TON more will no doubt unfold before our eyes over the coming months, given the VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) world we now live in”.

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