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Someone has to set the example. If you don’t do it, who will? In Green real estate, Greed is replaced with Green. It is not how much you can make on one deal, it is how much you can do in the long-run.

At least, the successful Green realtors interviewed over a few decades agree that most real estate agents market, sell, market. That’s great for the seller yet how about the buyer, their families, even their pets. When was the last time a realtor asked if your pets would like their new home? Or gleam over the incredible indoor air you will have, the fresh tasting and smelling of clean water the occupants will enjoy?

Again, I am not a realtor yet bought my first home before most had a drivers license and had to learn to sell at the age of 12 when my first grass cutting business needed more equipment. Later, learning marketing and providing the absolute best of best for any client came from my late parents, Minnie and William.

Which brings me to today’s story from inside a beach resort town that, in my humble opinion has the greatest potential to become the most valued on the planet. Of course the weather could be 70 and sunny year-round yet really, if you want that and are willing to pay the premium, go for it. And out of those many Green realtors interviewed, none said perfect year-round weather was the purchasing factor.

Qualified buyers want long-term value in really anything. When taking over the 80-year old family automotive business at a young age, my parents collected and restored 1941 Cadillac convertibles, Black and White Delaware license plates and did research on the American automotive history. All because the 1941 Cadillac was and today, still is the last great pre-war car to be built. A restored one starts at $100k. Same with those dumb old Black and White license plates. A low-digit plate can now fetch up to $1M. All Mom and Dad did was the best they could do for their family and provide the best value for their clients.

And here is my point. As a qualified buyer, I am looking for the perfect empty waterfront parcel to build the Greenest property in Delaware, perhaps the world. Number one, connect with me on LinkedIn. It’s a professional business site and for the most part, active income-producing individuals. When starting LI years ago, few who read my daily posts like David Gottfried, founder of USGBC/LEED, Bill McKibben of 350 and LOTS of fellow media folks. They liked what they heard and told others. Same with great Green realtors.

When a true Green realtor returns my interest, helps find the perfect property and make the numbers work, the world will hear about it. And not just to my my small world of qualified readers looking for truly Green real estate and truly Green Realtors. I will praise that person for thinking outside the box, that person will be interviewed in a professional studio with rehearsals, make-up and lighting.

It will not stop there because my Green realtor and I think long-term and value. That means working together filming and perhaps Greening other properties in the area. It all begins with one connection and the filming of a series of short TV shows on how to build the best Green property in the world. Other topics would be what buyers look for like clean, Green living, quiet electric transportation. This realtor will be introduced to the local and international movers and shakers of the Green industry. They will mingle and be filmed with the Green experts that will fly, float or drive in to witness the Greening of a property, join in critiquing and improving it. And in the process, tell others!

Enough preaching yet let me leave you with an example. My daughter and an incredible former wife are property owners in this area. Our children’s children are establishing careers here and thinking long-term. So recently while staying at my daughters, I hopped on my bike and eventually came across this publicly listed property. It interests me because it has the elements and orientation to totally Green it within code compliance. And of course, to neighboring aesthetics with solar shingles, a Siemens micro- living water system, maybe a micro-wind unit on the flag pole. I would also remove the most of interior off-gassing materials and furnishings and Green it to the best of my ability.

Only one problem. After several attempts, the realtor did not show interest in my interest. Next…

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