Hope in 60-seconds

We all are born with hope. Hope to learn, explore, make mistakes and correct us to whatever path we have the passion to follow. We have covered innumerable Green gatherings and found most to be agenda-based. Of course any meeting of the minds will have an agenda yet what if it were just an outlet for Creatives to express their ideas about clean air, water, food, energy, transportation, housing and such?

I was fortunate to attend an amazing like-minds event Tuesday evening and what a crowd of heavy Green weights to walk into. The Green topics ranged from Aquaculture to Xanax extract from plants. Zachery Dittmar, the well informed land-man and hands on speaker could have been a bit apprehensive. As a native of this area, young bloods and a recent “trans-plants”  are often met with wariness. Being from Wisconsin, Zach made up for it with humor and coming off as non-invasive. He exuded the very real gift of those who can smell naturally good soil, spot the one bad bug out of thousands while providing nutritious farm bounty.

Joan Flaherty and her mate Charley Garlow organized the event and the attendance should have been meager compared to the larger turnout. Let it be said rain, snow and sleet would not prevent the speaker, voices (mostly female Green matriarchs) of the Sierra Club, League of Women Voters, Center for Inland Bays, Surf Riders, Citizens Climate Lobby and more from showing up, listening and being heard.

Lady (Teresa) Connor summed it well after the presenter had been lightly grilled, seasoned and accepted by attendees. Lady C said “hope”. If you know her wisdom, she is good for many words and not afraid to use them. However, as was the case, hope was probably the most appropriate word spoken for the evening.

Many thanks to Joan and those like her who volunteer their time to assure each and every month, no matter where you are, you and your voice will be welcomed with open hearts and minds. My only regret of the evening was not filming  the presenter who made a compelling case for CSA, Community Shared Agriculture and what every farmer should lean about with Regenerative Agriculture. It seems losing a Grandfather early and a Dad who passed at the age of 42 has inspired young Zach Dittmar (with his wife and wife’s Mother) to make a positive impact. And a big one it will be when we get the TV back in GreenTV!

And now, your 60-seconds of Green Zen Hope!


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