“The Greenest Home on the Planet” was the reoccurring dream. But something wasn’t right. Ever since Mother Nature blew my first Green home away, the dream would haunt me. After all, she was built it for and with Mother Nature in mind. Utilizing her resources and my hands, she was rated heavy duty yet with the lowest carbon foot print since the Lenape occupied the lands years ago. To get this dream out of my head, I had to find the next “right” one.

It was a blistery cold Sunday morning on an empty waterfront lot in Rehoboth Beach. Filming since sunrise and a tad chilled yet the sun was shining, several layers of clothing and an occasional vape kept my spirits high while documenting the suns path. Intensive property evaluation is critical in any dream home, even more critical for the Greenest of Green.

Sitting there on the old bulkhead, I imagined the new place occupied. Having lived on the water nearly all my adult life, I learned if we allow the sun to be our body clock, the day begins robust full of hope, light and promise. Much like today, we could relax when awakening, walk into the heated floor of the bathroom, cleanse with the endless hot water provided by the sun as it competes for the sun’s warm rays etching in from a portal above. Stepping out to the heated floor, a warmed towel and robe awaits as we make way to the welcoming kitchen overlooking the water. No slippers needed. All of the floors are soft, pleasant and quiet radiant heat.

Like Queen Kirk with a warm beverage, overlooking the vast beauty nature has provided as we settle in the create our feast of the morning and prepare for the day. Just after a green smoothie and bite to eat, its time for a book or even a short nap knowing by noon, both we and our electric transportation will be charged and ready for an afternoon outing. The hardest decision is to take the electric boat, bicycle, scooter or Tesla?

Upon returning from our afternoon outing, it’s Sunday and that means spa time. Having designed a semi-private, all glass, south and water facing nook with below floor sunken tub, a glass of bubbly to match the mineral water bubbles, we let our minds go appreciating life and let nature take it’s course for the rest of the day. We watch as the sun dances across the water, maybe a few birds or a boat. Life is good, hard work has it’s rewards and we look upon the coming week rejuvenated and full of life!

Suddenly, I hear the sounds of tire tracks of a vehicle behind me but no car. Out of the corner of my eye, I spot what would be a rare bird in this area. It looked like a white Tesla. That would explain no engine noise because it is a clean, quiet Green American machine. The road where the Tesla seemingly appeared was an area I still needed to film so I walked that way. Just then, a young couple in that very same white Tesla pulled up. And we began chatting like long-lost friends.

My first question to the couple was “What’s a nice Tesla like this doing here on a cold winter’s day ?” To my surprise, they were there for very similar reasons as myself.

Shorty after, walking back to the crumbling sea wall, more footage was taken of the sun that was now sparkling bright over the water with every tiny ripple. The uneasy feeling that something didn’t feel right returned. Thinking to myself, what could be wrong? After a long search, I had found the perfect place to rebuild, the past was behind me and the future bright. I felt a sense of being very selfish. After all, unlike the couple who had left, I accomplished my life’s dream long ago.

It was then I realized what I had been filming, drawing and dreaming about was not about me. It was about future generations like the young couple in the Tesla. Now in my 6th decade on the planet, I finally realized my role now is to make others dreams a reality! Stay tuned..



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