Local Green People

You may be surprised how many Green people are among you. A great place to look is your local library or Chamber of Commerce. Much like your local townspeople who help with budgets, tourism, enforce rules and such, many have Green Committees.

These Green Committees are voluntary programs offering tips and resources to help businesses and other organizations set and meet their own goals on the path to go sustainably Green. In fact,¬†members of the State of Maryland’s Green Registry have reported saving over $100 million annually through proven, practical measures. Proven meaning times tested and work. Practical are often low cost measures to decrease costs and often improve comfort. Even when capital investment is required, professional CPA’s show the numbers can decrease costs while increasing the overall value of the Greened building or operation.

Even as we read Green energy is now powering 10% of the USA while EPA polluter fines are up 60%, that along should give people the incentive to do more at a local level. As we see with the State of Maryland, their collectively efforts add up. What town, what state could not use millions in savings verses wasted expenditures for non-Greened buildings?

The greatest thing is most of the hard work has been done. Solid local foundations have been building for decades in the monthly Green Drinks where you can meet Green Committee organizers and members of Green registries from Architects to Zen designers, solar companies to electric car dealers. It could even be the place you find your next career!

Hope you can make it to a local Green event soon to meet the people making your life Greener, possibly more profitable or maybe that worthwhile cause that’s been calling you! No matter, there is a place for you tonight at Rehoboth or hundreds of monthly meets in a town near you!

Image courtesy of Dittmar Family Farms and thanks to the Green Force of the Rehoboth Beach – Dewey Beach Chamber of Commerce



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