Green Drinks 1.29.19!

Have you attended a Green Drinks? Join Joan Flaherty, Green Drinks organizer and like-minds, Tuesday at 6PM in Rehoboth. Delaware. Details below yet first, a short story about Green Drinks.

I nearly owe all of the success of Green TV to Green Drinks. When in my death-bed a few decades ago, the chemo treatments took my hair and looked like a man dying. That is because I was after the experts did their best. A local Green Drinks had an event, I was accepted for who I was and after the event, went back to my death-bed with hope for the future. While the Angels of Hospice was making me comfortable, I drew a little box with a TV and called it GreenTV.

And here’s where it all started. 1989, a guy named Edwin Datschefski and a few friends meet at a pub to talk about Green topics. The first Green Drinks was born. Fast-forward to 2019; Every month, people in 500+ cities around the world meet at local pubs to talk about Green topics.

On 6.16.16, I had another N.D.E. and had to take a break organizing and filming Green Drinks events yet still support Green Drinks every day in some way because the intent remains pure. And for those in the area or here to visit the up and coming Green Resort of 2020, join us this Tuesday at a local pub. If all goes well with piloting the latest electric Hoverbike, my special Guest Lady Connor and I will see you there Tuesday evening!

Green Drinks will meet at Summer House Restaurant, 228 Rehoboth Ave, Rehoboth Beach, DE for a conversation about sustainability on January 29, 2019, 6:00 pm. Green Drinks is a way to connect with eco-minded people, share new ideas, discover new opportunities, build relationships and support the local economy. “Come have a few drinks and meet like-minded individuals who share your interest in building a sustainable society and greener planet”, said Joan Flaherty, Green Drinks organizer.

This month in Rehoboth, the featured speaker will be local farmer, Zach Dittmar, of Dittmar Family Farms. Come meet Zack and learn about sustainable farming and gardening techniques and the importance of healthy soil. Zach will discuss his approach to food and farming systems which aims to regenerate topsoil, increase biodiversity, reduce greenhouse gases, and improve water cycles. Hope to see you there!

Directions to Green Drinks Rehoboth by land and see!



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