Under $100/S.F. & Video!

Under $100 a square foot, fully green from hemp concrete to solar shingles, hurricane-rated and net zero. Any questions? Like where to buy one or see one? Patience, this has been in the works for a few decades, involves a lot of folks yet is here and now. Finally…

The whole idea began from personal experience when building the ultimate Green home a few years ago. The idea was expedited on 6.16.16 when Mother Nature wiped out a lifetime of work, income and a primary residence. Not one to brood and with the help of a few great people, the work began to create the next Green home, office and income-producing property. And not just for myself.

You see I tasted homeless, jobless, hunger and hopelessness. Having been self-employed since a youth, I figured I would fix what is now becoming an American crisis. Affordable Green housing with a luxury look, feel and comfort while providing electric transportation.

The topper is arranging financing, tax-credits and incentives for these creatives to own said new healthy and efficient Green homes, new Green transportation and new careers. All for LESS than they would be paying now in rent or mortgage. Yes, a new home, car and affordable all in one package. Is it for everyone? No yet it is for the many creatives who in hard times don’t want hand-outs. They want opportunity and willing to work for an honest days pay.

We already proved it can be done with the last Green home. And the technology exists and is affordable. Of course other deserve most of the credit for the designs from the hemp-concrete foundation to the solar shingles. All I had to do was connect the missing dots. Many thanks to Align 3D, American HempCrete, SIP Hemp insulated panels, My Green Build, Tesla Solar Shingles, Green Media, Volt, and the many in the monthly Green Drinks who have been like family for a long time!



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