Habitat for Humanity

This is another part of Green that Building projects we cover and by accident, we discovered a family member already involved! This is the latest from Sam Rashkin on Zero Energy Ready Homes and the family member involved in the Delaware Habitat for Humanity is volunteer Erica Lake!

“Have I mentioned how excited we are that Zero Energy Ready Home (ZERH) certifications have doubled each of the past three years? While this growth is certainly a positive outlook for the future of the program, what is equally exciting is how well represented affordable housing has become among the 3,000+ certified homes. This includes 9 Habitat for Humanity affiliates and impressive affordable housing developers such as Mutual Housing in California, United Way of Long Island, Capstone Homes in Arizona, and Parallel Housing in Georgia along with a growing group of new affordable housing partners.

So why is this such a powerful part of the ZERH portfolio? It’s because no segment of the population benefits more from ZERH certification. Consider first all the cost savings, which are significantly more important to low-income households that struggle most to pay their bills. Over a 30-year mortgage, these families can expect $10,000s of savings on their utility bills. What a shame it would be to incur these extra costs when the investment to achieve them is typically less than $4,000 and the additional monthly mortgage expense is significantly less than the monthly savings! Additionally, these low-income households are likely to incur much lower health expenses with all of the Indoor airPLUS health protection measures, and less maintenance expenses with comprehensive building science best practices and more durable ENERGY STAR components throughout the home. Lastly, these homes are designed to meet and exceed future code requirements which can position them for much greater resale value. It’s the lower income households that most deserve the opportunity to be vested in homes that can stand the test of time.

Beyond all of these cost benefits, ZERH provides such a huge advantage for low-income households to enjoy homes that deliver full comfort year-round, enhanced quiet living, and readiness for solar in regions that provide a significant solar resource. Check out some profiles of 2018 Housing Innovation Award winners in the Affordable Homes category below. See past winners and other ZERH award winning homes on the DOE Tour of Zero!” Sam Rashkin

Habitat for Humanity of Delaware link is where we will be covering upcoming Green building projects!



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