Green Flyby

Electric bike, scooter or hover bike. Whatever you call it, this machine is Green, real and real fun! Of course it is not perfect yet it is a major step towards new modes of transportation. The video shows it also has autonomous mode which has unlimited possibilities like deliveries, hazardous situations and even fun! And while it is not actually the first hoverbike we have seen, the trials and testing have raised serious eyebrows.

Think of the massive welcoming of electric bikes and scooters that cities are now having to deal with. Again, a step in the right direction of Green transportation yet also gives one pause to how to safely incorporate new ideas into existing infrastructure. We will keep posts coming and meeting an American company whose Hoverbike version has enclosed blades and lower center of gravity with extended modes of flying time using a micro-generator that runs on the little propane tanks available nearly everywhere.

The point is, the Green minds are churning, developing and bringing us new technology. How we embrace and use it for the overall good is another which is why I will test fly and try every new development that flies into our inbox. Stay tuned!



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