It’s Electric!

One motor, one world changing technology and the next name may be Ian not Elon. In the decades of writing and experimenting with transportation on land, water and hovercrafts, nothing so simple has impressed readers. This one took many by shock yet not a bad shock. It was more like, why didn’t I think of that?

If you have ever read about flywheel technology (think space saucers) generating their own energy and a radiator in a car and sealed, non-friction bearings that go on and on and on, this is it. The biggest hurdle is heat followed by friction and gravity plays a part yet not in this story. And none of us here claim to be brainiacs in science yet one word should sum it up.

Efficient. This motor is more efficient than what Elon Musk, Henrik Fisker, Ford Motor Company and the rest have on hand. The fact that Ian Foley would even talk about his work so openly and even agree to meet was humbling. My money is on the Ian Foley’s his team members and others who take complicated things, make them better and simple.

And here is the juice about the motor in our featured image: Designed specifically to meet the requirements of a high performance traction motor. Its unique spoke architecture enables the rotor to be liquid cooled increasing the motors continuous power output capability. The motor has a maximum speed of 10,000 rpm and incorporates an integral 5.5 :1 epicyclic gearbox which means that the output shaft of the gearbox can be connected directly to the wheel hub. The motor has a peak power of 220kW, and a peak torque of 450Nm.
Equipmake has developed a bespoke inverter to drive the motor. The inverter incorporates the latest Power Electronic technology with silicon carbide diodes combined with IGBT’s to improve the power capability and enable the inverter to run at high switching frequencies. The inverter has been designed to run at a DC voltage of 750V, with a peak current rating of 500A rms.

Motor Mass 40Kg Reduction Gearbox Mass 9Kg Inverter Mass 8Kg Motor and Gearbox Diameter 318mm Motor and Gearbox Length 247 mm Maximum Power 220 kW. Maximum Speed (motor) 10,000 rpm Maximum Torque (motor) 450Nm Gear Ratio 5.5:1 Maximum Torque (driveshaft) 2,475Nm Coolant Temperature 60ºC Water / Glycol

The data sheets are in this PDF and enjoy!



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