3.8 seconds to 100 m.p.h!

Whew! 1,180bhp, 1,327lb ft of torque, 0-100mph in 3.8secs, 155mph top speed and just over 3,000 pounds curb weight. It’s powered by four electric motors”, says Ariel boss Simon Saunders, “and they’re tiny, around 330mm in diameter”. But there’s more. Besides a 42kWh battery pack running 680 volts, the car shown sports a radical range extender motor which may change electric propulsion.

And this is real, not sketches or a mock-up and getting Greener every time they revisit it with smart features so intelligent, they are too complex to describe here. And speaking of complex, enter fellow dyslexic Sir Richard Branson, a “quiet” investor in Green transportation and tech. During an interview years ago for Gannett/USA Today when Elon Musk and Henrik Fisker were battling for the lead, Richard asked our prediction of electric cars.

The reply was “An electric vehicle of the future will not require a cord, have long-range with an on-board high speed battery re-generator and autonomous (chauffer) mode will be standard. It will also do zero to one hundred in less than 5-seconds.” And what did Sir Richard and USA Today have to say about ourprediction? USA Today said no predictions, stick with what we are selling in the classifieds. Mr. Branson’s reply was he was thinking similar, a near self-sustaining car that would lead to so much more. Yet let’s back up to the Musk and Fisker fued.

Year 2009, Wilmington, Delaware, cold, snowing yet the former G.M. plant stage was packed. I met the Biden’s that early morning, talked about our Dad’s love of cars, Green jobs and filmed the $529 Million loan that took months to pull together. Joe was confident a Finland company would lead America’s EV’s to world dominance and seemingly convinced the audience of the same. That outcome never happened yet now, 10-years later, Elon Musk of Tesla grabbed the lead. And a little company out of the UK is making what Branson and others saw coming on a fraction of the budget Fisker and Musk burned thru.  And don’t get me wrong, Biden and Fisker primed the pump for what we are all seeing now yet something so simple and unique is changing the next chapter. The sexy, fast sleek cars get media attention where details are where rubber meets the road.

The details are in an electric motor that could literally change the world of electrification from tiny drones to Black Hawk helicopters, small boats to mega-yachts and leave many in their wake. The video pretty much explains it if you see what is really driving this car. Stay tuned and watch the future unfold..



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