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The Department of Energy finally took our advice. Instead of the old boring stuff, they are working on less boring stuff! Their fact of the week, Green Car Reports and Charged Magazine pretty much are the sources of great information (and in some cases, images) and this week, it pretty much well looks like ICE are on their way out, EV or AV’s are coming in and strong.

ICE as in Internal Combustion Engine and EV and AV as Electric or Autonomous Vehicles. That means your future transportation will be a Green car powered by Green energy and built with Green materials like renewable Hemp which was legalized in the US on 12.21.18 and already forward thinkers are in. In fact, our great friends Barbara Filippone and Summer at ET (Enviro Textiles) are world Hemp experts sourcing Hemp textiles to the automotive runways as well as fashion runways. They were way ahead of the curve and already have the machines to process and produce Hemp products!

So back to the D.O.E.’s Fact of the Week and the link if you wish to read “By model year 2018, the number of AEV models increased to 14 and the available ranges expanded as well, from a minimum of 58 miles for the Smart Fortwo Electric Drive Coupe to a maximum of 335 miles for the Tesla Model S 100D. From 2011 to 2018, the median of the AEV ranges increased by 52 miles – from 73 to 125 miles” and the link here

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