It’s Electric!

This electric motor (E.M.) will drive everything from boats to busses, cheaper, better and more efficiently than anything currently on the market. And if not for Christian Ruoff at Charged Magazine, we would have missed it. Our current series is Greening America and they cannot build enough of these fast enough in the UK so I invited them to Delaware, USA!

When this happens, it will change the way we Green America with really great lawn tools to Green cars and SUV’s that can go for very long trips between charges. The SUV’s are important as we want safety and very long range. And the women we asked do NOT like many of the charging stations and going to ICE (internal combustion engines) instead.

Albeit Hybrid/Electric SUV’s yet still, ICE. If we want to wean America and the rest of the world from where it is headed, we need this company and more like them now. Let’s not wall them out, lets open arms and realize we all share the same address!

Stay tuned for more Greening..



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