Key to Longevity

Who would you take health advice from? A youngster that is the face of health, toned and in great health (for now)? If you are looking for a positive trend and good advice, your local fitness expert is an excellent source of valuable information.

But how about long-term gains? Meet Teresa Conroy who turns 80-years vibrant today and learn. Teresa and I met via a great local energy healer who guided me when first relocating to the sea coast of Delaware. This is an area of creatives, where like-minds flourish and help one another grow to realize potential. Such a refreshing change from many of the places I tried to fit in.

I caught up with Teresa, Jill English, her friend of 40+ years and puppies Maggie and Lexi at Rehoboth Bay. And just when I thought the interviews with Richard Branson, Joe Biden and other famous Green like-minds were of wow factor, this occasion is one that changed my life. Words from the wise Matriarchs Teresa and Jill kept with me long after the interview was over yet the summary is this.

We have a nation of elders who are willing to help younger generations cope, learn new things and give us a gift that is invaluable which money cannot buy. I thought that commodity was water yet I was wrong. Water is indeed a precious commodity yet “The cup is not half empty nor full and can be ref-filled” yet not so with life. The gift is Longevity and not just aging. It is as Teresa says “Appreciating every day as a gift and living life with good intent” while not just surviving yet thriving. And to look at Teresa and Jill, they practice what they preach!

Let us all learn to listen and appreciate every day they (and your local elders) are in our lives! PS: Ms. Conroy and English are also very Green with more to come in future articles like Vivian the RV, Divine the Red and Sporty on wheels. Happy 80th BDay Teresa and thank you for being in all of our lives!



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