Wood You?

Steve Marshall of the US Forest Service is a man with more accomplishments than can be accounted for yet the one Green thing that stands out with Steve is wood. Yes, plain old trees that keeps our incredible planet healthy and used in everything from toothpicks to high-rise buildings. Wait a minute, high-rise buildings?

Yes, low-rise, high-rise and all in between can be built with sustainable, carbon capturing wood. We will write more about Steve Marshall in the near future yet for now, take a look at the video of a real high-rise built and finished in record time and very Green. Aptly names Timber Tower, it is the first tall urban housing project to be constructed entirely from pre-fabricated solid timber, from the load bearing walls and floor slabs to the stair and lift cores.

The nine-story tower is built from a tight honeycomb of structural panels, with a timber core providing stability, and inset balconies with structural balustrades to strengthen the outer structural wall. Completed within 49 weeks, and delivering 29 fully insulated and soundproof apartments, the project demonstrated for the first time that CLT has the potential to be a financially viable, environmentally sustainable and beautiful replacement for concrete and steel in high-density housing.

Check out the video and stay tuned for more!




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