Greening America 101

Greening a property increases value reducing operating costs, often to zero! The quality of the indoor air that consumers read about that can harm loved ones and pets can be improved dramatically. Drinking and water and even showering becomes something to brag about.  And comfort is never compromised for energy savings in a truly Greened property because going Green does not have to equate to sacrifices.

And how much does it cost? In some cases simple observation, a walk thru and low-cost ideas can pay for themselves immediately in lower energy costs. The larger ticket items like what would be suggested on this property could easily increase the listing price and lower or make no hardship in monthly mortage. Of course the benefits do not end there.

Think beyond the bottom line. Placing the health of buyers can go longer than standard incentives and providing charging for electric vehicles from lawnmowers to cars is now a no-brainer. With these money and health-conscience buyers come refrerrals because the seller cares long-term, not just for settlement. Great water, indoor air, comfort and less of a carbon foot-print on the planet is a win for all involved.

This is a continuing story on Greening properties in America. We spend a great deal of time with prospective buyers on what they want in a future investment properties. Many of the properties featured here will include a follow-up on Greening suggestions and how they improved the overall values. Another follow-up story will appear when the property is sold including interviews with the seller on why Greening makes good sense and dollars!


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