How does one re-Green something? In the case of Prius car shown, that is a bit extreme yet in 2019, we are going to show that nearly anything can be Greened. Having Greened everything from cars to boats and properties, I will lead by example. Possibly even earning Delaware Coastal homes #1 in world of Greened investment properties!

Back before the BIG one hit (Superstorm Sandy), leading by example was easy because I could show how to Green in-person and did many times. Our team had taken an old, run down property on the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland and turned it into an award winning Greened property. Everything from the main road entrance to docking by water was Green.

And by that, I mean the methods, materials, products and design were beyond the existing Green/LEED standards of the time. I filmed the process nearly every day for 7-years until completion. It was by far one of the Greenest properties on the Maryland waterfront. The main house, the guest quarters, the spring fed lake all the way to the treehouse and private beach were the dreams of self-sustaining luxury yet also very practical.

The place was called the Lake House, housed GreenTV’s H.Q. and years of film content. Ironically, everything was wiped off of the face of the Earth in one day by Man-Made climate change. Which brings me to the here and now of the next phase of our stories. I mentioned leading by example and will begin the search for a waterfront property to Green. The first property to Green will be applicable for solar, maybe wind and most certainly electric charging stations (powered by said Green energy) for the clean, quiet electric bikes, scooters, cars and maybe even the watercraft. It won’t be the massive undertaking of years past, more of a true Green makeover done in weeks, not decades as before.

The entire process will be filmed and shown here. Will it replace the Green Lake House of my former years? Nope and don’t want it to. The idea is do one, find another and repeat. My team and I cannot possibly Green every property out there yet like anything, the journey begins with one. Stay tuned!





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