Crying Shame

I didn’t cry yet was called crazy. The first part was Steve Marshall, Assistant Director and longtime advocate of the U.S. Forest Service who indirectly reminded me of the Forest Service shutdown, Discover the Forest and the many incredible programs to connect all us to nature brought to us by the United States Forest Service. These heroes not only protect, they educate, save lives and planet every day of the year and way more. Until…yes, one man closed your access to nature down yet I wont go into that here.

I will go to the second part of being called crazy. During the recent New Moon cycle I offered a small fortune in TLD’s (top Level Domains) that were accumulated over many years. Some also included assets, cash stream potentials and in some cases, 80-years of goodwill yet it had to be done.

Was it the New Moon emotions that nearly did make me nearly cry when thinking of closure of our ancestors treasured lands? Well yes. That and realizing the passion that has kept me going every day since 1995 would involve more sacrifices to make room for new possibilities such as awareness on a larger scale.

The Moon cycle has passed as has clearing the clutter. And now the focus will be on Green heroes like Steve and others until I pass the GreenTV torch as I did with the TLD’s. This is a time of awakening and truly believe the collective passion is needed now more than ever in a time of De-Greening America.


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