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Will the USA get left behind again? Charlie Garlow of Citizens’ Climate Lobby and the recently shared a glimpse of the future. Charlie also happens to be one of the most knowledgeable people in Green energy and transportation. When Charlie brings something up, you can be sure it is factual and worth listening to.

For example, the Lexus will be introduced on Monday at the huge Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and also appear at the Detroit auto show the following week. This fully autonomous self-driving (what the company calls Chauffeur), which it suggests might first be used in “a restricted driving domain” before evolving into full use under any circumstances, known as Level 5 autonomy.

Many experts say China could be first to deploy autonomous vehicles at scale — and one sign is how they’ve snagged the global lead in electric vehicles thanks to government policies and consumer attitudes, Axios’ Joann Muller reports.

The big picture: Sales of EVs are growing quickly in China, where consumers are also open to innovations like car-sharing. By loosening regulatory guidelines and swinging open the door to autonomous vehicle testing, China is pulling away from other countries on disruptive new mobility initiatives, a recent study finds.

Details, from German consultancy Roland Berger, which tracks and scores countries on 26 indicators of auto industry disruption:

The global shift toward EVs is happening mostly in China, which sold more than 750,000 EVs through October — more than half of EVs sold worldwide.
China doubled its EV charging infrastructure over the past year, while putting limits on registrations for gasoline-powered vehicles. It also ended a ban on foreign ownership of EV manufacturers in the country and granted permission for Daimler and BMW to test AVs in Beijing and Shanghai.
Meanwhile, Chinese tech companies like Baidu and Huawei are teaming up on new ventures with Western automakers.

Why it matters: If China pursues AV technology as intently as it sought and achieved leadership in electrics, it could be first to see widespread adoption of AVs.

Charlie Garlow has “seen the future” many times before in the Greening of America. Stay tuned and let’s thank folks like Charlie, Citizens Climate Lobby and like-minds for keeping us all informed with what is coming down the road.


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