Clearing Clutter

Time to clear the clutter web of domain names created over the past 2-decades. My team is ready to roll out a whole new GreenTV network requiring my undivided attention and right now, these are simply a distraction. Although some of these unique business names go back generations, this is not about how much $Green each will fetch. Even if I end up gifting one or more, at least they will be utilized. All are actively registered, lien and debt-free.

Auto Archives; goes back 80-years. According to the Supreme Court, Auto Archives is the oldest continuously family run automotive media in the U.S.

Bump Remover; eliminates surface bumps with a patented cannabis extract. Just a dab, band-aid and a bumps are removed, no surgery, pain or debt.

Delaware Divas; The Delaware Diva’s dates back to the year 1929 and ideal as a talent and promotions agency.

EV2019; and were created for the Chevrolet Volt which was recently discontinued. These could now be used for any EV’s, even leftover Volts.

Green DeJour; is what it is. Green of the day!

Green that Building! Long ago, I realized nearly any building could be built Greener. The idea was to Green a building every week as a GreenTV series.

Green Showrooms; was registered to Green any show room, waiting room or room.

Loving Lotion; is an all natural Green product which stimulates nerve endings, reduces wrinkles and can be used as a safe, personal lubricant.

Model Verde; Green models. Ideal for planet friendly spokespeople and fashion.

Salad Sink; was created for a friend who could whip up an incredible meal in a sink. Could make a great franchise for healthy Green salads.

Spray High; is a dosage metered concentration of pure liquid cannabis extract for a pleasant controlled high. One spray is instant euphoria.

Spray Low; is the opposite of Spray High and great for anxiety, PTSD or insomnia.

Story of Selling Stuff; was based on Annie Leonard’s Story of Stuff and simply a site to sell stuff, raise funds for Cancer research or really, any good cause.

Survivors Secret; is 2-decades of creating the finest immunity fighting plant/mineral based extracts known to humanity. Safe for children, seniors and pets.

World Think Tank; was created in 1995 when fighting for my life. I reached out to Think Tanks all over the world for a cure and ended up creating a think tank directory.

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Best, JDL



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