It’s Electric!

In 2019, Auto Archives turns 80-years old and with the chart (pictured below) shows the infancy of the automotive industry was indeed Green!

Several years ago, the Supreme Court established Auto Archives as the first automotive media company in the United States. The hand-written automotive chart played a big part in that decision. Not only did it inform the Judges of the high court to the facts, it also demonstrated the industry was quite Green and headed back that way again.

The actual origins of the industry began humbly and quietly with electric vehicles (EV’S). At the time, the new internal combustion engines (ICE) were smelly, inefficient, leaky and unreliable. Also, more horses were on the streets then and one noisy backfire from the early ICE machines frightened man, woman and beast alike. On the other hand, electric vehicles were quiet and reliable. To the historians of that day, the future of ICE transportation was dark. Referring again to the chart, one can see the dark future of ICE became light while EV’S became automotive history. Until now.

What happened? The story is a long one yet can now be explained by Terry L. Karges Senior, Executive at Petersen Automotive Museum¬†and his team. And this place has it all with more eye car candy than nearly anywhere on the planet! The chart helps tell it all and the videos posted below are a tease to a wild trip down memory lane and back to the future! And the future of Auto Archives and the Automotive History Chart? Another long story in itself yet before it’s official 80th-year 5.7.19, will be gifted to the right person so I can focus on a higher calling. Best, JDL





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