Sustainable Straws!

We finally found Green straws! The challenge to find “Greener” straws came long ago during a cute yet un-couth” straw spitball battle at a birthday party years ago.  And Happy Birthday (12.29) Jessica Rea Lake!

When we caught up with Daniel Crippen, the brilliant Green mind behind Hemp water filters and blended his thoughts with Ravikesh Khadtare, P.Eng., PMP, it was magic. The idea of using Hemp for water filtration goes back a few thousand years with Lenape American Indians. In fact, Hemp has been used to clean up water, ground contamination and of course, has thousands of other uses. And now, after 8-decades of prohibition in the US, Hemp is now legal to begin producing Green products like straws.

The simple and low-cost residential water filtration system we collectively designed uses no electricity (ideal when there is none), is gravity fed (pour on top, water exits below), is equipped with a trace mineral infuser and Hemp filter at the discharge. The design was created out of necessity after relocating to an area surrounded by an abundance of ocean water yet lacking in quality drinking water. The next thing was to find plastic-free straws to go with the great water we were producing.

As we began collaborating, I asked Ravikesh of Green Circle if he could use Hemp in his process instead of the Palm currently being imported. His reply was like no problem and soon, the world will be full of affordable, clean water and earth friendly straws made right here in the USA!

Jessica,  great day  to you and sorry it took so long. As we all learned from Kermit the Frog, it’s not easy to be Green. However, with diligence and faith, it can be done and made easy!


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