Hemp  (must see video) is being introduced to the Orthotics & Prosthetics industry as affordable alternative to toxic composites. Tests have also shown it more durable, lighter and stronger. Hemp experts offer life-long hemp expertise from Barbara Fillipone and Summer Star and made in the USA! As most in the Green industry are aware, there is an alternative Green product to just about every existing toxic product.  And we are bringing it on with the Federal Prohibition Repeal on 12.21.18!

Kyle Trivisonno, a Wilmington-based entrepreneur, is developing methods at his start-up Eco TEK Industries to build prosthetic limbs from the fibers of the hemp plant. Once processed, Trivisonno said the resulting material has the strength and lightness you would want from carbon fiber, but offers the possibility of a much less expensive prosthetic. According to Kyle, the Green revolution is here!

The ecoTEK industries site explains the patented, alternative process and material for the manufacturing of custom devices or products that are traditionally carbon, fiber glass, plastic or man-made, using natural and renewable materials. This proprietary technology creates a tremendous cost benefit when compared to conventional methods. The cost of industrial hemp fiber and natural materials are pennies on the dollar compared to carbon or fiberglass. These devices made with this proprietary material are actually stronger than carbon fiber, without adding any significant weight.

Kyle also recognized the opportunity for application in many other fields, including but not limited to, the manufacture of boats, planes, surfboards, RVs or even ballistic materials, along with many other industries. And this is where Kyle, eco-TEK and we will work to introduce these products to the marketplace.

Kyle says “working in the Orthotics & Prosthetics industry, I have had to deal with extremely caustic materials used for custom fabrication of devices. During this time, I began considering the long-term health implications of constant exposure to carbon fiber, fiberglass, synthetics and or plastics. Regardless of ventilation and use of personal protective equipment, by the end of the day, I am always covered in dust from making, cutting out, grinding and finishing these devices. The dust from carbon fiber and fiberglass is so fine it gets into your pores, causing extreme skin irritation that last for days sometimes. I began considering what might be going into my lungs, even when wearing a dust mask. Furthermore, I started thinking whether this is the kind of job I should have for the next 30+ years. These same or similar materials and method of manufacturing are used in many other industries and applications. I was determined to find an alternative to this costly, unpleasant, and non-renewable process.”



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