Morning After

The best gift my late Mother ever said she received was a jar of recycled upholstery tacks. At age 7, my Father had told me the best gift one could give is what that person needed. It didn’t have to be a new game, coat or jewelry, just what was needed.

In between parents doing many jobs to keep food on the table, Mom also did custom upholstery. When helping her cut, sew and hammer, I often heard she never had enough of the antique hammered tacks used on high-end trim. In the weeks before that Christmas, time was spent secretly gathered hundreds of old tacks from her earlier jobs, straightened the bent ones and gave her the whole jar filled with tacks as a present. I remember the tears yet still not sure if they were emotion or laughter. However, it really was the thought that counted.

Since that day, it dawned on me to give practical gifts, ones that people needed. And now, the day after and nearly 20-years of working on it, I am making a place where you can find everything Green in one place. From a new electric VOLT to Rick Simpson oil, a cool scooter or even a fully built Green house, our team will make sure you can get it. Maybe not as a gift, maybe as a gift, who knows. That depends on your naught and nice list during 2019!

Enjoy the morning after, keep the good tide going into and beyond the new year!




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