It’s Electric! In Lewes Delaware!

It’s electric and the exciting future of cars! And yet, by all means, Clint Bader at IG Burton in Lewes, Delaware could have been down in the dumps on this wintery day. After all, General Motors recently announced discontinuing their 5-Star American Superstar Volt EV (electric vehicle) and the government was about to shut down. However, Clint was bright and cheery!

We met outside and sitting there as bright as a new day was the futuristic Volt! With that, he invited me to sit in the car to talk and see the type of driving, navigation and safety we will all experience with technology and vehicles becoming near-one. What I thought would be the woes of the industry from Clint was an uplifting, informative bright future for 2019 for EV’S and how IG Burton was going to lead the pack! And this story may seem like a sales pitch for IG yet actually, it is a cry for help among the confused public about electric cars. Educated consumers see the positives.

Beautiful styling, fashionable features, super fast, exceptional handling, near-zero maintenance and great for the planet. In summary, what began as a quick update on the Volt with Clint may now become an educational adventure. If the powers of decision makers see the wisdom, this Sunday “It’s Electric!” column will become a weekly update on the future of transportation. We sent Burton’s Director of Operation, Pete Renzi a note to read this story along with Delaware transportation advocates from politicians to former EPA Charlie Garlow DEEVA (Delaware electric car club) about the need for clean transportation education. And not from an office, web site or brochure. Front line action with facts like Charlie, his wife and group have been doing for years. Let’s get everyone on film, short segments driving an EV, sharing the experience and suggestions for going forward!

Imagine a reporter driving an IG EV to Delaware’s many high-profile establishments who advocate EV’s by providing electric car charging stations like IG’s two EV recharge stations. Conduct interviews on their Green initiatives and provide education during the transformation to clean, Green transportation. Beyond the interviews, the car will have magnetic signs like “See me on GreenTV” to engage on the spot video interviews with interested consumers. And ask Charlie, the DEEVA’s and every other EV owner, the interest is HUGE. And Delaware has a great shot at being a world leader all starting in little old Lewes and IG!



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