Mexico Temptation

Hello, GreenTV Mexico you wish to re-locate GreenTV USA here?

If you want a getaway, like living dangerously and adventure, join us in a trip to interview the creatives at GreenTV Mexico to see if the invitation turns to be friendly or way too inviting with a twist. Leave the comforts home for these ways of Green, set up HQ here?

We begin with cameras in hand, cool beverages to have a treaty of understanding between the natives and the original founder of GreenTV USA (me). The adventure is the projects GreenTV Mexico are filming, jumping off dive cliffs and learning to film, publish and doing things their way, the Mexican GreenTV way.

Seriously, it is, how you say, Vete de aqui was done and said yesterday in the states, cold, gray and dark. Today, 80 degrees and sunny so let’s see how this goes and will report back soon. Stay tuned!



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