Mi Cumpleaños Deseo

It began at age 12 and ended at EarthX with new beginnings and like minds.

Having the opportunity to share every day has been great over the decades. And even better on the one day the universe allows all of us to wish. Yes, most wish for good things to happen and occasionally, they do. On this day, I give myself permission to continue doing what I do so I can do good for others! Keep it simple, right?

Yet on 6.16.16, a combinations of disasters wiped out nearly all of took a lifetime to achieve. It began in the mind of a 12-year old watching in Yorklyn, Delaware as floods spilling upstream pollutants  in nearly every shade of odd color and smell. I was on my roof watching the waters rise and hoping for a fun swim with friends once it was safe.

However, when the waters faded, so did the infected fish from the toxins near followed by the snakes along the shore lines. A few days later, rabbit and eventually baby deer and dying parents dying from pollution.

So, on this day, my wish is to continue what began on my 12th Bday. Mi, a lake looking over the planet now being Greened by a lake! Special thanks to my parents, Minnie Beatrice and William Vincent Lake. And  Trammell S. Crow and team for reminding me to continue to Green America first. Once like minds do that, the world will Green itself. And that will create a whole lot of good!



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