$3,182 Second, 25% Reward

This was recently published and really made me think. “Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos makes $3,182 every second (that’s $191,000 per minute). And what does he use it for? Humanitarian efforts? Eradicating childhood leukemia?“The only way that I can see to deploy this much financial resource is by converting my Amazon winnings into space travel,” Bezos has said.

So here is my offer. I will gift 25% of my assets and 100% time to the person or group that will make a balance to Amazon. Imagine a Green Amazon if you will. GreenTV as a place for Green goods and services where proceeds help humans and the planet.

My reasoning is simple. I have attained nearly everything one could wish for. Being fully debt-free, no one to answer to, no anchors to hold me in any one place and a wish to give more than receive. There are no strings or gimmicks. If you can re-create GreenTV to be a sort of balance to Amazon, my life’s work is in your hands and mind.

Over the past 2-decades, we have developed several products and ideas for new content. I am just looking for that one person with the resources to do this right. Please share as this gift will be the one that keeps giving. My best to you, JDL






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