Recycled License Plate Sold: $410,000!

The inside joke about the B&W (black and white) Delaware tags is that the B&W is most likely worth more than the car it is on. In our family, that joke goes back to 1929 during the Great Depression while the rare license plates continue to be recycled from one generation to the next. Or a very lucky buyer happens upon one. Origins of the Delaware B&W tags vary among folklore yet most agree with the documented story with the Yorklyn Gun Club, Supreme Court and my family business, Auto Archives.

The summary is the B&W’s are rare and can reach over a million bucks no matter how many times they are recycled. So today’s story is about how valuable recycling valuable items can be. However, it also yet hits a personal note and to many who recycle the trash that is often treasure. For years, I felt shamed about the type of recycling I did. Although my sales proceeds funded Cancer research and the work seen here every day since 1995, it didn’t feel Green. However, my oldest brother Joseph Lake recently reminded me that my work of recycling others valuables funds our work and is quite Green. We have educated going Green every day since 1995 and all from selling others stuff!

And for those who live here, Delaware like all small states has it’s share of best kept secrets and stories. Good old Uncle Joe is one and these unusual B&W tags are another. It’s like the B&W’s keep Delawareans bonded because whoever sports a B&W tag has a story. And that story often leads to serious money and politics.

Speaking of recycling, duty calls. Help us support our work by bidding this recently recycled beauty! This B&W tag is a LOT less than the recent $410,000 paid at our recent Delaware auction. This fully registered and appraised B&W comes with guaranteed exclusivity shared only by Delawareans and the likes of our next hopeful President. Partial proceeds will fund the Biden foundation

Bid now on this Delaware Black and White tag that can be transferred easily to you, your Delaware corporation or that loved one who seems to have everything. Except a one-off B&W tag on their ride!

And if you want the car thrown in, it is a 1937 black beauty exterior with a new General Motors drivetrain, automatic, power steering, brakes, air conditioning. For the right offer, it will be promptly shipped to your door or delivered by me to you! With or without the B&W tag, it will make a great way to begin 2019!

Thanks again for supporting 2 decades of keeping GreenTV free! Best, JDL



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