Can You Do A Video?

Want to know how to rack up of views with a short video and earn profits? In 1995, watching a video on-line was painful, choppy and often not worth it. Today, a short informative can make money and create innumerable opportunities.

The video posted here was created when designing and installing toasty radiant floor heat in the first GreenBuild.  The video was never monetized yet it allowed us to show others the joys of warm feat and pet paws. The radiant heat video got us invited to interview David Gottfried, founder of LEED,  GreenBuild and then Green events all over the planet! The video also ignited investors who came to us to duplicate GreenTV in the UK, India and Mexico.  Needless to say but worth noting, it also syrocketed the value of the original dot com domain name. Until hurricane Sandy hit, things were beyond incredible.

However, today is now looking even better because of one single video that cost next to nothing to create. The re-building of life-after-disaster is now complete. And with that comes the opportunity for you to create a short video and be rewarded. Just a simple short video like this 30-second video on recycling, an affordable electric vehicle or anything you believe in.

My point is you can transform your thoughts, goals and passion easily now and an incentive will be provided just in time for the holidays. Create or send an exiting short Green related video to GreenTV here. or post to your YouTube or social media with GreenTV on the tag. Entries will be judged by USA, UK, India and Mexico GreenTV. An opportunity to share in profit and ownership will be awarded on 12.31.18 so stay tuned!





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