GTV by the SEA!

Imagine a sunrise so beautiful that every day, people gather to see her break over the horizon granting us a new day and new start to our dreams. Imagine those same people, maybe even you joining our native Delawareans for the morning filming of Green De Jour! With the help local area resident,  (Shooting Delaware) Green girl Susan Pomerantz and Kimberly Hamer of Ocean Atlantic Sotheby’s, it could be in place before Spring 2019! Every day, a new awakening with short, inspirational videos from the new GTV H.Q. by the sea featuring local landlubbers, bountiful guests from the oceans and fly-ins from nearby ports.

For those who have followed our baby steps on the Chesapeake Bay to the shores of Rehoboth, we grew from the USA to UK, then Mexico, India and others in-progress as we share our original recipe of going Green in comfort, style and fun! Although way smaller than pre-Sandy, our aim is still very high and achievable. GreenTV stations everywhere a need exists and on a screen near you.

The ride rarely comes without bumps. Hurricane Sandy reminded us of how devastating and humbling climate change is. However, the welcome hands and hearts of Delaware have seen it all, especially at the waterfront. Her inhabitants and current caretakers are a special breed unlike any of my travels. Yes, she (Mother Nature) is beautiful on a natural sunrise and temperamental when man frets with her yet she is our one and only. Lets honor her, her people and thankful for the Susan’s, Kimberly’s and the long list of matriarchs we now call friends and family!



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