Big $ Choices

Were you ever faced with a choice between say frozen unknown brand orange juice and a Big Name original? Guess which one I chose and why?

Today’s story is about a Anaya which was interpreted as “look up to for answers” and there was a BIG choice to be made between Anaya (middle name yet not famous) and a famous”Big Boy Name” group that came with big guns and deep invoices. I knew what I would get with the Big Name for the on-line shop I had planned for 2-decades. Yet the decision would be invaluable to all parties beyond planet, people and profits.

Like any products you would expect on a Green site, the products would only be verified Cradle to Cradle and demand was $B+ in 2017. However, it had to be the Right fit for all the right reasons.

So when it came to choosing between the Big Name brand, I took the similar approach I did with orange juice. When I researched Anaya and sampled her work as I did with the frozen unknown brand O.J.,both exceeded expectations. I mean, nearly anyone would go with the brand name fresh squeezed for a sure bet and possible regret. Yet right now, what I needed more than anything is someone like Anaya to look up to for answers. So, if you followed up to this point Anaya is my choice to be the Green Product lead. And may the Green be with her with this dyslexic yet passionate writer.




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