Chef’s Cannabis Conundrum

This is Jon Lake, introducing a new name to GreenTV in USA for now, GreenTV India, GreenTV Mexico and GreenTV UK in 2019! Let me start off by stating I am not the famous Ella Brennan yet am a Chef facing similar challenges as did Ella back in the day as a woman in a male-dominated industry.

“I graduated from the Culinary Institute of America in 1977 when it still meant something to attend and graduate from the most hallowed and recognized school in the world. However, there were not marketing agents and P.R firms, there was NO Food Network or Food Channel. I graduated in a time when my Chef Instructors were all European males who came from France, Italy, Switzerland, Austria and Germany who were in their 60s, 70s and even 80s. All were formidible men whose presence commanded respect far beyond that of any of the TV rock stars of today. These men all were “Gods” of food and could do it all. No television cameras or make-up artists, crowd wranglers……just PURE Chefs. No behind the scenes prep staff making the food “camera ready” for the masses of “foodies” that tune in to the choreographed absurdity of shows that have garnered a new level of food enthusiasts.

I attended this Mecca at a time when there was a scent of weed in the halls of the dorms. Breaks during class meant going to the gazebo and hitting a “bone” just to get a nice buzz for the work that was still to be done. Our homework was finding the new bongs on campus or connecting with the students who were known to have the best of the best. I remember waking up in my clothes from the day before after having been in the elevator of Pink Floyd “Wishing You Were Here” “Welcome to the Machine” during a great evening of partaking in some amazing “weed.” I even played amazing “air guitar” with some classmates to Queen.

Yes….those were the days……

Here I am 40+ years later, at the wonderfully fulfilled age of 62 years young and now crossing over to a brand new horizon in my career. Although I can look back on those days at the C.I.A. with smiles and amusement, I know am able to understand that all of my years paving the way for the most coveted title I had my eye on….CHEF…..has finally brought me to my new insight. My days of partaking in the herbage which at that time would get you tossed in jail and a record, has now brought me to move into the world of legal consumption.

I am a Chef. I know food. I know cooking methodologies. I know how to look at a recipe and dissect it so that I can teach it so that it makes sense to anyone. I am the new face of what is to come. I am not some leftover Hippie from the 70s. I am by no means a “stoner” who is now working in the food industry to keep their munchie fix fixed. I am not a has been. What I am is a professional who knows all of the nuances of food from around the world. I am here to help people learn how to use Cannabis for whatever reason, in their food correctly and carefully. Whether you are dealing with a health issue trying to motivate your appetite, or trying to find a way to help your child consume medicinal levels to help with their issues as well as the average person who is having problems with insomnia or pain, I am now going to be your GO TO CHEF!!!!”

We are going to begin here and then the UK, India, Mexico, Canada and the rest of the world recreating recipes of all of the various cultures incorporating the right methods and ingredients of Cannabis to result in amazing and delicious meals.


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