It’s Electric!

The Dark days of winter have arrived and we just lost one of our best. The Chevrolet Volt had some issues in the past as did Tesla and every other electric vehicle (EV) producer around the world. Yes, what was seen as the great electric hope in the Volt is now simmering with the car being discontinued. What happened? The Green car experts we asked had a lot of answers and surprisingly, no one blamed the current administration! John Voelker of Green Car Report says it was partly the media that was to blame as did other car media analysts. Charged Magazine was kind of quiet as was Green race car driver Leilani Münter. However, blame is being spread as thick as oil with one thing in common. When it all came down to one reason, it was confusion of the buying public.

Although General Motors did more research that all media combined, the media touted the Volt as a Plug-in Hybrid Electric which didn’t really need a plug because it had a gas fueled back-up engine/generator and got really good fuel mileage. Sometimes. So the public was  like, OK, it’s a Green car yet still uses fossil fuel and has a plug that may never be needed?

Going Green has never been easy yet whose job is it to educate the public if the cash register is going to ring? That will be a topic for another day yet a good friend’s words are really coming back to haunt not only me but the entire and very large electric vehicle (EV) industry. My friend said being ahead of the curve is some times like dealing from the bottom of the deck. So General Motors dealt us a nearly 5-Star rated fin handling and performing vehicle. The reviews were great, the lines of the car and interior were good and really, very few issues.

So, if we so called Green car experts didn’t have much faith in Tesla yet did G.M., why do you think the Volt flamed out?




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