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Our viewers are getting sick over these recalls. So when enough of you asked why drugs prescribed for blood pressure are recalled for Cancer risks, that is when I start shouting out. And anyone who knows my history understands why because there are natural alternatives that have worked for eons with no side effects. And please, do not blame the Doctors as they no longer make the prescriptions. (and yes, they once did).

The most recent example of alternatives were two surprisingly humble and modest Doctors at the Wilmington Delaware Christiana Hospital which is more like family now that we have open communications about alternative medicines. One is a Doctor of the mind, the other is a Doctor of the body. Since 6.16.18, they have both witnessed natural alternatives in the works. The latest was what appeared to be a malignant lump on my left temple. Doctor Mind suggested I go with what has worked in the past, Doctor Body suggested a skin specialist. Both were correct yet I opted for Bump Remover because it has worked for anyone in the skin for centuries. Bump Remover is a thick plant extract applied on the bump, draws out living cells and kinda suffocates them, no surgery, no drugs. The bump is now gone and thanks to the input and actions of both body and mind doctors at Wilmington Christiana! And thanks Dr. Mind for the reminder on Melatonin for sleep. More is not always better with natural ingredients.

My research and development of alternatives began at an early age when my later Father named my “Doc”, then came the minor in Nentpike teachings and major in the real world. The one thing given by my ancient Matriarch Nentpike actually came in written form from Genesis which reads “Every moving thing that lives shall be food for you. And as I gave you the green plants, I give you everything.”

So in addition to writing about those with credible credentials and healthy recipients, we here at GTV will begin sharing short, concise videos of what works, where, why and the who’s making the return of natural alternatives to Big Pharm happen like Barbara Filippone, her daughter Summer in Hemp, Lenape Lady, Tanya with Treehouses, JackPot, the original Weed Investor, Dr. Debra Laino, health and sex expert, Vanesa the Green Products wizard, Chef Becky and so many more now uniting.

It’s time to go back to Small Farm, to the people who grow, cultivate green plants and prepare medicines, foods and more! If you would like to join us in early 2019 as a guest, speaker, presenter, promoter or even devil’s advocate, reach out here as our Green Network is growing rapidly!




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