Lenapehokink Solstice Gatherings

Lenapehokink Solstice Gatherings. An invitation from Lady Lenape of the Lenape American natives in Delaware on December 23rd.  We here at H.Q. celebrate new and full moons yet this is very special, hope you can join us!

Solstice Celebrations are ancient traditions of Indigenous Artists everywhere that reminds us we are connected to, actually one with the cycles of the seasons and the stars, that we can show gratitude creatively as we gather, and that we do turn as one toward Light & Hope. Why do I consider the Solstice Gathering an “Action”? Because anytime we come together across diverse boundaries, we change for the better. And anytime we restore honor for and connection to those who were scattered, we are humbled and stronger together. So, please, help us find and gather the Lenape, that we may honor the dark times we have each come through and then celebrate as joyfully as we are able, the Light we walk in. Let it be so by taking your part.




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