It’s Electric! Reasons NOT to buy?

A recent poll by Green Car asked “Why haven’t you bought a Tesla Model 3?’ with responses of 58% as too expensive, 8% with no factory lease available, 7% do not even trust Tesla and a whopping of 27% of Green car respondents said they already have one!

Having grown up in the automotive business, I predicted the rise of electric cars a few decades ago. Hell, I even lost a gig at USA Today/Gannett writing about cool cars every week. My vision of EV’S did not match the vision of their biggest advertisers (new and used car dealers) at that time and I lost my soap box platform to educate the world. Shortly after, I had N.D.E. and created my own platforms.

The daily stories I write are posted every day and night on LinkedIn Business and personal profile pages, same with Facebook, this site and a few others. The reach is nowhere near USA Today yet I do know how to make it increase. Nearly 24-years of doing this every day with little compensation may seem stupid to some, well actually nearly everyone yet here I am pecking and typing. When one believes in something, giving up is not an option.

A great friend recently reminded me of  the downside on being ahead of the curve as “dealing from the bottom of the deck” and think I am finally getting it. People need cars yet maybe not the ones I write about. If I could get people like the hand-made Morgan company (pictured is the new E-Morgan), Tesla and in-demand cars to pay to promote, that would make sense yet this is the problem.

Morgan and Tesla cannot produce enough of the EV’S to meet demand so why promote and why pay someone like me? I’ll keep working on that, maybe promote pre-owned Green cars?



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