2019 Best Green Investments!

Yes Green as in products, projects and people. And all for planet and profit! The first is from real estate and MyGreenBuild is the one to watch.

Eco-friendly or green property is no longer a niche market. The rate of investment in this market is at all-time high. More and more individuals are turning their attention to the energy efficient property.  Green buildings in the US have become a significant driver of the country’s economy and creates countless Green jobs.  Investing in sustainable properties that save power isn’t just a fashion choice. The returns are attainable from developing efficiency programs and alternative power resources. At first, investing in a green property is overwhelming. However, the costs could be easily offset with thanks to the know how from the folks at MyGreenBuild

The second is Medical Weed, Marijuana, Cannabis. Yes, that Green! Although vested in this for decades and created the name Weed Investor, the following is made possible by great minds, not particularly mine. What is wild about this is when researching, I came across Weed-Investor who had a similar idea.

Although I tried to reach the site owner of Weed-Investor.com to compliment the like-minds of our WeedInvestor.com, both sites are good on the $Green. If you are new to investing in Weed stocks and more hands-off, Weed-Investor will show their smart  way of testing the weed water. According to the site, “As an investor, I have learned how to take losses, acknowledge that not every day will be remarkable. By completing my own due diligence (DD) on the companies I invested in, I was able to gain some impressive returns ranging from 250% to 2000%.  which is better read here

If you are like me, hands-on and a seasoned investor, WeedInvestor.com deals in Hemp, Medical Cannabis and recreational. As well, Crypto, cash and even regular old bank money is welcomed. As well, if you are looking for ways to improve your life, I can say WeedInvestor.com is the way to go with high-returns in every aspect of the plant!

And what is it with people “emulating” the ideas I had in my death-bed a few decades ago? First, a guy literally copied World Think Tank, then a bloke in the UK did it with GreenTV, GreenTV in India, GreenTV in Mexico and now Weed Investor. Thankfully, I was first at the I.P. station yet need to find a way we can all work together as ours is about Green, not greed. Be well, travel safe and hang in for an exciting 2019!


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